Aqua and Pink Cadillac Filigrana tubing. 018all

$119.00 - $135.00
Aqua and Pink Cadillac Filigrana tubing.  018all

This hollow tubing has an outer diameter of about 40mm and an Inner diameter of about 18mm. This particular run is being sold in pre-cut lengths by the ounce. I cut this run up before I decided how to do it all the time lol. sorry. It will be more consistent from now on. :)
Priced by the piece. Approximately $135/lb.
Choose your variant below.
I'm going to try to keep it fresh and make different patterns regularly so if you find one you particularly like, I can recreate it for you upon request. :)
I may not make this one again for a while. :)

This particular run will not be made again any time soon unless requested. Contact me about custom runs in this pattern.

  • 11" 16oz section
    1 available 100%
  • 10.5" 15.3oz section
    Sold out
  • 9" 14.2oz section
    1 available 100%
  • 9.5" 14oz section
    1 available 100%